Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina

We carried out the spectroscopy of comet C/2013 US10 Catalina (Vmag = +6.1) as on 20th December-2015, using LHIRES-III spectrograph (23µm long slit, R=700, Angstrom /Pixel (A/P) =3.0) fixed on 0.20m SCT. The spectral image captured using Atik460ex cooled monochrome CCD coupled with LHIRES-III spectrograph. The image guided over spectrograph slit using Atik 383L+ monochrome CCD to get better S/N ratio. Comet seems enriched with C2,C2,CH+,CO+ & CN.
The spectral data corrected for instrument response and normalized. We used following software for different purposes.
APT Tool: LHIRES guiding/Histogram/Capture
Telescope control: Starry Night pro7 + EQMOD
CCDstack2.0: Image calibration
RSpec: Spectroscopy
Cepheids Astronomy Group, RBT, India.