46P / Wirtanen – Parallax removal

The students of astronomy group of the language and high school in Bruneck, South Tyrol, estimated the distance of comet 46P using parallax method. We have pride to be part of this campaign. The project was completed by Christof Wiedemair and his students Vera Oberhauser, Lisa Niederbrunner, Pauline Hofer, Dominik, Maximilian and David.

Read: http://astrocusanus.blogspot.com/2018/12/46pwirtanen-entfernung-mittels-parallaxe.html

Few memorable pics!

Image 1: The Wirtanen parallax team!

From left: Vikrant Agnihotri, Vera Oberhauser, Lisa Niederbrunner, Pauline Hofer and Sebastian Voltmer.
Image 2: Screenshot of Vikrant’s computer screen on the evening of the data acquisition. For motivation or to stay awake, he faded in a group photo of the “Team Bruneck” that we had sent him shortly before!
Image 3: From left: Dominik, Maximilian and David evaluating the collected data!